DSO Case Study

"Sandesh Kangod of Workflexi was looking for a solution to increase awareness and educate jobseekers about the various benefits Workflexi had to offer over traditional jobsites."
DSO Case Study

Case Info

Offering a radical new job platform which attempts to influence jobseekers’ attitudes towards contract employment, Team Workflexi wanted to bring about a change in mindsets and perception through an omnichannel display campaign which would follow the target user across ad networks.

Brand Recall being integral to their marketing strategy - Facebook, Google and Truecaller were identified apart from messaging to engage the user on multiple platforms simultaneously.

  • Category :DSO Marketing
  • Client :Workflexi
  • Date :21st Aug, 2017
  • Link :www.workflexi.in
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Case Info

Case Info

Sandesh laid down certain primary objectives that needed to be met in order to validate Liveair’s proposed approach

  • Increase in old resume updations Month on Month
  • Lower average resume acquisition cost
  • Increase visibility across social media
  • Increased reach across Tier-I cities
  • 200% in job applications in Q1 2018
  • Reduce drop off rates on registration page


Workflexi approached Liveair as rapid expansion into a dispruptive new business idea resulted in the need for a new multi-channel awareness campaign that could be updated quickly and efficiently, and offer a consistent user experience to customers around the country using a wide variety of devices.


Using Liveair’s Advanced OTP API, Workflexi slashed their registration times by 90%, introducing a new form which involved only a single mobile number verification step. Blanket advertising across online channels allowed the brand to follow their users, leaving a lasting impression in their minds.
Quick Signups

Quick Signups

Higher Applications

Higher Applications

More Jobs

More Jobs Posted

Fresh Resumes

Fresh Resumes


From 8% , the ratio of fresh resumes shot up to over 24% of the database. Average impressions per user rose 5X in the same period - translating to more faith in Workflexi’s disruptive new model.
Lower Resume Acquisition
Lower Resume Acquisition Costs

37% lower CPA

Conversions from Social Media
More conversions from Social Media

55% Social Media Traffic

Increase in Applications
Increase in Applications

440% increase in jobs applied