What is Bulk SMS?

SMS is gaining the acceptability as the preferred mode of customer service because it has two-way capabilities; it is fast and cheap and is less Time-consuming for the service staff.
It is for sending marketing, alert SMS messages to subscribers, customers, employees, etc. about new offers, products and Initiatives

Why Bulk SMS?

  • NSTANT: No delay, delivery even if the phone is busy.
  • AUTOMATED: Automatic relay of critical information.
  • TWO-WAY: Instant processing of customer queries
  • COST: Significantly cheaper than other medium
  • ANYWHERE/ANYTIME: Mobile is always in the pocket
  • PERSONAL: Highly effective as communication to an individual

Is there any Comparative Reports Available?

Medium Reach Cost Retention
Television Highest Very High Good
Radio Medium Medium Poor
Internet Banners High Medium Dropping
Email High Extremely Low Extremely Low
Print Media Low High High
Billboard POS/POP Medium Medium Medium
Moving Media Medium High Medium
Telephone Medium High Medium
FAX Low Medium Low
Tandard Mailers High High Medium
Personal Interaction Low High High
SMS High Reach Low Cost High Retention

What is Two-Way SMS?

  • Two-way SMS Service allows you to receive SMS via our website interface / on mobile / Database / Http URL. Mobile Number / Date / Time and Message Content will be the System.
  • Two Way SMS can be used to set an auto response message.
  • SMS can be received by an email.
  • Two Way SMS can be implemented using a long code or a short code

What are the other benefits of Using SMS?

  • NO ADDITIONAL RUNNING OR RECURRING COSTS: Tens of thousands of responses managed automatically via SMS.
  • DISCREET AND MORE USER FRIENDLY: 50% more consumers respond by SMS than a call center.
  • 24 x 7 SERVICE: 60% of responses were handled outside of call center hours.
  • REUSABLE DATABASE OF POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: 100% of all respondents phone numbers and response is logged automatically.
  • UNIVERSAL: SMS is now a mainstream response.
  • ANYTIME / ANYWHERE: Highly accessible
  • IMMEDIATE: No call center queuing or having to remember a call-to-action.
  • COST: Cheap compared to calling on to a mobile.
  • INFORMATIVE: Quick and easy information.
  • PERSONAL: Discreet, personal data transmitted effectively and personally.

In which all Industry Segments BULK SMS can be applied?


SMS Based Services can be applied for Service Related Process and also for Marketing and Promotions In Automotive Sector, to Read More on How Enterprise Value added Services can be used for Automotive Sector Click Here


The operational model of banks has changed with the advent of new generation banking methodologies and Enterprise Value added Services Play a pivotal role in the process automation and authentication process. To know more on this click here


In Courier and logistics sector Mobile Messaging is used for the automation of pick up/ drop and Supply chain automation. SMS and Voice services are also used for promotions. Click here to Know more on detailed information.


IT Systems has enabled Technology into the Education World, by sending out automatic emails and newsletter, but instant Alerting Mechanisms are not available since Most of the Parents are not-net savvy. Where in there will be a high penetration of Mobile Phones SMS based Services is more useful click here to know more


Mobile messaging services empowers the Healthcare institutions to open a personal, cost-effective and efficient communication channel with their customers (patients and doctors). Click here to know mor


Rising competition and inflated salaries resulting the ITES industry to become extremely cost and process efficient. In IT/ ITES Sector Mobile messaging is used for Process management, human resource management and employee logistics Click here to read more


Messaging services empowers the Media & Entertainment to open a personal, cost-effective and efficient communication channel with the customers. To read more Click here


Mobile Messaging services help real estate companies to capture the market by providing time-critical information valuable to buyers and investors. Click Here to Read more.


Mobile Messaging has distinct advantages over the phone, as it is instant, can be automated and one need not wait for the phone line to be free. Click Here to read more.


Mobile based messaging and calling services can be integrated to the existing application products and services across a wide spectrum of industries and Our solution experts will take in your requirements and will provide you with the best of solutions. Why wait? Talk to us now.