This White Label Reseller Agreement (this “Agreement”) contains the complete terms and conditions that apply to your online registration with Coonz Network Solution Pvt Ltd” for the resale of SaaS software and all products in the Coonz Marketplace.


1. Participation

In applying for a Reseller Account, you are agreeing to be bound by Coonz Liveair’s standard Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy collectively. Once we have approved your Domain Upgrade, you become a Coonz Liveair Authorised Reseller and will have access to our Reseller Functionality in your domain.

2. Resale

1. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, we grant you the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to market, promote, and resell use of the Services to your Clients as part of a value-added solution you create by Reselling Liveair SAAS Applications on your behalf from Users and Reseller’s Page of your application. Any reference to the resale of the Services or reselling the Services means reselling the right to access and use the Services as provided by Coonz Liveair and not the actual sale or transfer of any software, technology, or documentation associated with the Services. You are not permitted to resell the Services to Clients who are current subscribers or previous subscribers of any of the Coonz Liveair Services.

2. Once a Your Reseller Account is created, you can choose to customize the interface of your Client Accounts with your own logo, interface customizations, trademarks, service marks, and / or product names ("Site Settings").

3. You will not use the trademarks, service marks, logos of any third party in connection with your activities under this Agreement.

3. Usage

1. You are solely responsible for all issues arising from or relating to your Client Accounts, including those relating to your Client’s access and use of the Services. You are responsible for payments from your Clients, and handling refunds.

2. You must comply with all data privacy laws that apply in connection with this Agreement

3. You will be responsible for, and will provide, first-level support to your Clients. This consists of providing your Clients with telephone, email, or web support regarding issues relating to any of the services being provided.

4. Coonz Liveair are not required to provide support regarding any such Services directly to your Clients. This is done in the interest of not interfering in your client relationship.

5. You may escalate any support issues to our standard support channels. During the Term, we will provide you with the same support resources that we provide users obtaining Services from us.

4. Restricted Activities

Reseller will conduct its business and activities in a manner that promotes a good, positive image and reputation of Coonz Liveair and it’s services. Reseller will not:

1. Use any inappropriate form of promotional, marketing, or advertising activity for the Services or for any services of Reseller in which the Services are incorporated, which includes use of any misleading hyperlinks and making any false, misleading, or disparaging representations or statements with regard to Coonz Liveair and its Services;

2. Engage in any unfair or deceptive trade practice involving the Coonz Liveair services;

3. Include or provide for in any Reseller Site any page, screen, or social media platform that contains content that: advocates discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age; promotes or engages in illegal activities; violates intellectual property rights of third parties; or contains or promotes deceptive information;

4. Hold yourself out to be a Coonz Liveair employee or use any Coonz Liveair Content to mislead potential new Clients into believing you are endorsed or employed by Coonz Liveair;

5. Use the string “Coonz Liveair” for any website domain name;

6. Use any profane, vulgar, discriminatory, or objectionable words or phrases in domains used in connection with the Services;

7. Send spam emails to market and promote the Services;

8. Directly or indirectly convert or attempt to convert current active Coonz Liveair users to Resellers without our prior approval; and

9. Make or authorize any proposal, representation, warranty, guarantee, or communication relating to the Services that is inconsistent with Coonz Liveair’s standard terms and policies, or that has not been approved or otherwise authorized by Coonz Liveair.

5. Payments and Billing

1. From your Reseller account, you will be required to provide your debit/ credit card information or UPI for continued use of Services.

2. Coonz Liveair has the right to access Reseller’s account from time to time, to the extent necessary for the purposes of support, administration, and invoicing, and to inspect Reseller’s utilization of the Services as to ensure Reseller’s compliance with the provisions of the Agreement.

3. You will be responsible for paying any applicable taxes that may be imposed with respect to any compensation or payments received under or in connection with this Agreement as a Coonz Liveair Reseller.

6. Validity, Deactivation, and Cancellation

1. The term of this Agreement (the “Term”) will begin upon your acceptance of this Agreement and will end when your Reseller account is deactivated.

2. If either you or Coonz Liveair deactivates your Reseller account, your Client Accounts will become inactive, at which time, they will automatically expire. You will be responsible for the payment of all dues and unpaid fees for such Client Accounts.

3. You are responsible for deactivating any Client Accounts on behalf of your Clients in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.


Coonz Liveair will remain solely responsible for the operation of the Coonz Liveair website and Services, which include, and, you will remain solely responsible for the operation of the Reseller Site and the activities of your Clients with respect to the Services. Each party acknowledges that their respective sites may be subject to temporary downtime due to causes beyond their reasonable control

8. General Provisions

1. You and Coonz Liveair are entering this Agreement as separate companies, and nothing will be construed to create a partnership, agency, joint venture, or employment relationship between you and Coonz Liveair.

2. These Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance to the laws prevalent in India. The courts of Karnataka shall have jurisdiction over any disputes arising under these Terms.